Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simply complicated

I sometimes feel like I can write a book when the feeling strikes and could go on and on forever, my head fills up with so many ideas, so many thoughts.... but when I do start to put it together and think that this is it, that is when ...I hit a wall. The block in my mind  is so intense that i stare dumbfoundedly at my computer, into nothingness, blinking as what the heck am i going to write , i had the thought a min a sec ago but my mind works too fast and i lose my train of thought. I lose everything , i wonder why but that has been happening to me ever since i can remember, i have this sea of thoughts emotions waiting to be poured out on paper but im all bottled up like being claustrophobic and you dont know how to get out. I am still trying to overcome this but i havent suceeded yet. Hopefully soon i will over come this little disability with my brain that i have been trying to fight for years which may seem like a little hurdle but for me its been a major accomplishment i have been wanting to do for years. The mind is a vast horizon of adventures to explore . Here is to simply accomplishing the complicated things in life :)


  1. Oh my gosh I totally agree, I wish I had some way of automatically writing down everything I think because the second I go to write it down I can't think of what to say. It's the worst!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. Hi Serena, I read your comment on Taste4Beauty, you are so sweet!
    I did start the blog, it's nothing fancy but I hope it'll get better with time.
    Just in case you want to check it out, my url is:
    Btw I loved your post, it expresses EXACTLY how I feel most of the times before writing!
    Have a lovely day xxx

  3. Hi Serena! Thank you so much for following my blog, and liking my Facebook page; it really means a lot.

  4. i agree with you :) new follower here i'd love if you follow back :)

  5. Hi Serena, You are not alone, I'm sailing in the same boat. :) You did great with that post, so keep your good work. I'm your newest follower.
    Have a lovely week!

  6. Oh Dear! I seek your forgiveness to suggest your good high self a way forward to come out of “Lingering Limbo” of being in state of indecisiveness to gather your thoughts and channeling them into a literary master piece. Grace, you are at better place then me, nevertheless, an earnest suggestion should always be welcomed may it from any buddy. To me, “one`s innersole tantamount to be a driving force, fused with emotions and sentiments of true feelings, imbibe with serene sense of love and care, once such feelings are fashioned within yourself and show longing to radiate, only then My Dear, you would be able to conduit them on to the paper” and not far, would be the day when, I shall be shopping a MASTER PIECE, written by non other then SERENA SIDDIQUI. May GOD bless You.