Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simply complicated

I sometimes feel like I can write a book when the feeling strikes and could go on and on forever, my head fills up with so many ideas, so many thoughts.... but when I do start to put it together and think that this is it, that is when ...I hit a wall. The block in my mind  is so intense that i stare dumbfoundedly at my computer, into nothingness, blinking as what the heck am i going to write , i had the thought a min a sec ago but my mind works too fast and i lose my train of thought. I lose everything , i wonder why but that has been happening to me ever since i can remember, i have this sea of thoughts emotions waiting to be poured out on paper but im all bottled up like being claustrophobic and you dont know how to get out. I am still trying to overcome this but i havent suceeded yet. Hopefully soon i will over come this little disability with my brain that i have been trying to fight for years which may seem like a little hurdle but for me its been a major accomplishment i have been wanting to do for years. The mind is a vast horizon of adventures to explore . Here is to simply accomplishing the complicated things in life :)